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A Serious Defense For Serious Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are among the most serious charges in Missouri and can come with significant consequences. Hensley Law Office takes a serious and professional approach to sex crimes defense. Our attorneys are committed to working hard to defend you against these charges.

We have represented clients throughout northwest and western Missouri in municipal, state and federal courts, and our attorneys bring decades of criminal defense experience to defending your rights and ensuring you are treated fairly throughout the legal process. Whether you live in Kansas City, Raymore, St. Joseph, Osceola or elsewhere in the region, we are ready to help you.

The Consequences Can Be Severe

If you are accused of sexual assault, rape or another sex crime, you could be facing a felony with the potential for prison time. Additionally, many cases result in the mandatory lifetime registration with the sexual offender registry, which could have a permanent impact on your life.

At Hensley Law Office, we believe that everybody deserves fair representation in the justice system. Our lawyers strive to minimize the devastating effect these charges can have on your life.

Trusted Defense Attorneys

Our attorneys were born and raised in small Missouri towns and have extensive experience practicing law on behalf of those in our community. We have defended virtually every criminal charge and have the breadth of knowledge you need when the stakes are high. Our team is composed of proven trial attorneys with the ability to develop strategies designed to help minimize your penalties and get you back on your feet. One of our attorneys – Kenny Hensley – is also a former prosecutor who knows how the other side operates.

Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and begin working on your defense. Call 816-892-9603, or send us your information to get started.