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Don’t Let A DUI Or DWI Ruin Your Future

DUIs and DWIs are among the most common criminal charges people face in Missouri. You may be the most upstanding citizen and still find yourself facing DUI charges. Drunk or impaired driving charges can range from a class B misdemeanor all the way up to a serious felony. Hensley Law Office is committed to offering a vigorous defense to help you handle the charges against you. Based in Raymore, we serve clients throughout western and northwestern Missouri, including Kansas City, St. Joseph, Osceola and other towns.

Avoid Jail Time And Keep Your License

Our law firm has helped clients throughout northwest Missouri and western Missouri in municipal and state or county courtrooms to avoid jail time, keep their license and minimize the consequences of their DUI or DWI charge. Our lawyers have decades of experience in nearly all areas of criminal law and apply their breadth of knowledge to aggressively representing you in the courtroom.

While consequences for a DUI or DWI vary with the severity of the incident, any jail time or potential to lose your license can have a significant impact on you, your family and your career. By consulting a proven defense attorney, you can minimize the impacts these charges may have on your life.

We Can Help You Move Past This

We all know somebody who has been charged with a DWI or DUI. Facing the legal system for the first time can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to navigate alone. Our attorneys understand the challenges you are facing, whether this is your first criminal offense or not. We are committed to working hard to help you through this difficult time.

Schedule a free consultation with our firm to discuss your case and explore your legal options. Call our office at 816-892-9603 to get started, or reach out to us online.