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An overview of felony theft charges in Missouri

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

In Missouri, felony theft charges carry significant consequences. Understanding the aspects of these charges is important to navigate the legal landscape effectively.

The severity of theft charges often depends on the value of the stolen property. When the value exceeds a certain threshold, charges can escalate from a misdemeanor to a felony. The thresholds may vary, emphasizing the importance of knowing the applicable limits.

Felony theft penalties

Individuals found guilty of a felony may face substantial fines and imprisonment. The length of imprisonment and the amount of penalties imposed can vary. Factors like the value of the stolen property and the person’s criminal history impact the severity.

Aggravating factors

Certain aggravating factors can further escalate felony theft charges. For instance, an individual accused of theft involving a firearm may face more serious charges. Prior theft convictions are another example of factors that often lead to harsher penalties.

Legal consequences beyond criminal penalties

Individuals convicted of a felony may face challenges in employment and housing. A felony conviction can have lasting repercussions, affecting life goals like obtaining loans or professional certifications.

Building a strong defense

Understanding available defense options is important for those facing felony theft charges in Missouri. Effective strategies may include challenging the value of the stolen property or disputing the evidence presented. Individuals may also address potential mitigating factors.

Recognizing a conviction’s thresholds and potential penalties helps people navigate the legal landscape. While each case is unique, knowing the intricacies of these charges is important in seeking the best possible outcome.