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Can you prove you do not have an intent to distribute drugs?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

If the police find you in possession of controlled substances, there will certainly be consequences for the offense. Depending on the circumstances, though, you might receive a heightened charge for intending to distribute those substances.

Many drug possession cases result in a conviction of a misdemeanor. The penalties for distributing to intending to distribute unlawful substances can be much harsher, so it is important to know more about these charges and how to defend against them.

What is a possession with intent to distribute charge?

It goes without saying that you may receive a charge for drug distribution if a police officer catches you in the act. Certain circumstances, such as the possession of a large number of controlled substances, can also be a basis for an intent to distribute charge. Missouri statutes on the sale of drug paraphernalia establish that the unlawful delivery of illegal drugs for commercial purposes is a class E felony.

How can you protect yourself against drug charges?

You have rights that protect you against charges built on assumptions or other potentially flimsy arguments. For example, a possession with intent to distribute charge will not hold up in court if an officer finds a large amount of drugs during an illegal search. Be mindful of what you say to an officer without your legal advocate present, as you might accidentally consent to a search or admit your intent to distribute controlled substances.

You may have a strong case for your defense if an officer arrests you for drug possession with the intent to distribute without actually catching you in the act of delivering controlled substances. In these cases, you might be able to prove that the officer’s findings were the result of a wrongful search.