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Should you rely on your Miranda rights?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Most people have heard of the Miranda rights at least in passing, mostly due to their popular usage in police-related media.

However, many people do not know much about the realities behind the Miranda rights. What do they protect? And is it actually worth invoking these rights?

What are your Miranda rights?

Miranda Warning discusses the Miranda rights in detail, including how the Miranda rights benefit people who utilize them. These rights cover two primary things: a person’s right to remain silent, and their right to legal representation.

These rights exist to ensure that a person does not accidentally incriminate himself or herself while in a police interrogation. It also allows them access to the knowledge of legal aid, who often know how to navigate such situations much better than the average person.

Why choose these rights?

Officers must ensure that a person thoroughly understands their rights and what they risk giving up if they choose to waive said rights and speak to officers anyway.

While many choose to paint Miranda rights as something that only guilty people rely on, this is far from the truth. Anyone could benefit from their right to remain silent, as well as their right to legal counsel.

If authorities wish to interrogate a person in the first place, chances are they already have a suspicion that the person is guilty of the crime in question. Thus, it would serve the individual well to invoke their right to remain silent, so they can properly present their situation and facts without risk of self-incrimination.