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3 things to know about drug court

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Sometimes people face charges not because they desire to commit criminal offenses, but because they struggle with drug addiction. For those dealing with substance abuse problems, options such as the drug court program may better guide them away from recidivism.

Before entering the drug court program, potential participants may benefit from knowing what to expect.

Program eligibility

According to the Kansas City Municipal Court, to participate in the drug court program, people must meet certain eligibility criteria. Among other requirements, to participate in the program, people must need substance abuse treatment, face an approved offense that carries jail time as a possible sentence and have a willingness to take part in the treatment.

Program completion

To successfully graduate from drug court, people will have to meet certain benchmarks. These include completing their personalized treatment program, staying sober for at least six months, having a stable living situation and not getting any new offenses or convictions within the last 180 days. Additionally, to successfully complete the program, participants must attend school, volunteer or have jobs.