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Can just one DUI change your college trajectory?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Dealing with a DUI charge may seem like something scary and overwhelming. In particular, college students have a lot to lose if they end up convicted.

But in what ways do DUI convictions impact a college student’s life? Just how much can it alter the path a college student takes?

Careers that do not hire DUI convicts

The College Investor discusses ways that a DUI – even just one – could impact a student’s college path. First, it might actually bar a student from pursuing the career of their dreams. Many careers will not hire anyone with even a single DUI conviction on record. This includes:

  • Any job that requires a commercial driver’s license
  • Jobs that work with children, like teachers or childcare professionals
  • Government positions

This covers a large range of job opportunities and might even render a student’s attendance in a particular college more or less useless.

Expecting prices to rise

Attending college itself may grow more difficult, too, especially in terms of finances. A college will almost certainly revoke any financial support it provided before this point. This includes scholarships, prizes, donations, gifts and other sources of funding.

On top of that, a college may bar a student from using on-campus housing. This can easily end up doubling or even tripling the cost of living as a student has to face off-campus prices, likely in a bigger city.

Needless to say, these combined factors easily change a college student’s career path and overall experience in college. This is why it is crucial for anyone facing a DUI charge to get the proper help.