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How can drug charges affect your future at UMKC?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

As a student at the University of Missouri Kansas City, you have a promising future ahead of you. Unfortunately, one mistake may feel like it compromises your future with the school.

If university officials catch you with illicit drugs, you may undergo disciplinary action from the school.

Facing school sanctions

You cannot possess, use or distribute any illicit drugs on the university campus, university-controlled properties or at university-sponsored events. When you violate any aspect of the Student Code of Conduct, you may face disciplinary action. While some violations begin with a warning, the disciplinary action depends on the severity of the behavior. Sanctions may include suspension, dismissal or expulsion from the university.

If you face dismissal, expulsion or suspension, you can file a Notice of Appeal. After filing the Notice, petition the Chancellor to seek permission to attend classes while awaiting the final decision of the appeal. In some cases, you may have an opportunity to continue school as long as your education does not disrupt or endanger or other students.

Facing legal charges

While a university student, you may still face criminal charges. The local, state and federal laws prohibit the unlawful use, possession and distribution of illicit drugs. In addition to facing disciplinary action by the university, you may face legal penalties that include fines up to $20,000 and imprisonment.

If faced with criminal charges in Missouri, your future may feel uncertain. Simple drug possession can begin your journey through the criminal justice system. As a student at UMKC, if you do not uphold the UMKC Standard of Conduct, you may face sanctions that compromise your future with the school. UKMC keeps your student conduct records for seven years.