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3 FAQs about violent crime

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When you are facing violent crime charges, it can be stressful trying to figure out what you should do next. Nonetheless, moving quickly can improve your outcomes.  

Having a better understanding of your charge and the penalties attached to it can help you know what to expect on the road ahead. Remember, even though things are difficult, you do not have to navigate your case alone.  

1. What does the law consider a violent crime?

In general, there are five acts of violence that the law defines as a violent crime: 

  1. Murder and manslaughter 
  2. Rape 
  3. Robbery 
  4. Aggravated assault 
  5. Property crimes that include burglary or arson 

While each crime is different, they can all come with hefty fines and prison time.   

2. What are the consequences of a violent crime conviction?

Depending on the circumstances of your charges, you may be facing expensive fees and long-term sentencing. No matter what your prior record looks like, spending time behind bars is something to worry about. Even first-time offenders can end up with sentences of many years.  

3. Can you expunge a violent crime from your record?

When a judge expunges an arrest or conviction record, that means he or she “seals” or “erases” any legal trace of the event. While some individuals are able to successfully expunge their records, they usually have not committed violent crimes. For these kinds of charges, expungements are rare. Often, there are laws that entirely exclude violent crimes from expunging consideration. 

Knowing what you can expect when dealing with violent crime charges can help you prepare for the road ahead as you navigate your legal situation.