For Robbery And Burglary Charges, You Need A Trusted Defender

Property crimes may or may not involve injury, but depending on the value of the property stolen you could be facing significant charges. Hensley Law Office has defended a variety of clients in Raymore and the Kansas City area against robbery and burglary charges, and employs decades of experience to protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly in your case.

Theft, robbery and burglary are all different crimes, though they are related:

  • Theft occurs when you take someone else's property without their permission and with the intention of never returning the item. This is the most basic property crime, and includes small crimes such as shoplifting.
  • Robbery is essentially theft — however it involves violently seizing property from the person directly, or from a location where the person has direct access (such as a safe). While robbery is a violent crime, and many robberies include guns and firearms, nobody needs to be injured for a robbery to occur.
  • Burglary involves breaking into any structure with the intent of committing theft or another crime inside. You don't need to commit the crime to be charged with burglary, you merely need to have the intent to commit a crime — and the crime doesn't have to be theft, though it commonly is.

Regardless of your charge, we are committed to doing whatever possible to reduce or eliminate the charges against you, and help you move on with your life.

The Potential Penalties For Theft, Robbery Or Burglary

Theft, robbery or burglary can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony in Missouri, depending on the value of the goods taken or the extent of the injuries inflicted on the other party. Petty theft such as shoplifting, where the value of the goods is under a few hundred dollars, could be classified as a misdemeanor. Other robberies or burglaries can be considered serious felonies, however, meaning you could face jail time.

Regardless of your charge, you need a trusted criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and minimize the impact of these charges on your future. Even the smallest shoplifting charge can cause complications down the road.

If you or a loved one has been charged with theft, robbery or burglary, don't hesitate to contact our Cass County office for a free consultation. Call 816-892-9603 to get started, or reach out to us online.