There's No Misdemeanor Or Felony Charge We Won't Defend

At Hensley Law Office in Raymore, we are trusted to defend our clients against crimes of any severity, from traffic violations to murder and homicide cases. Crimes in Missouri fall into two general categories — felonies and misdemeanors. Depending on each situation, the charges against you can result in significant punishments:

  • Felonies are crimes resulting in serious injuries or death, as well as crimes involving a larger sum of damages or larger quantities of illegal drugs. Depending on the severity of your crime, you could be charged with a class A, B, C, D or E felony — with class A being the most severe. The consequences for these crimes can be significant, ranging from hefty fines to life in prison.
  • Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, and are classified into three levels (class A, B and C) depending on the severity of the crime. These typically include crimes where injuries are minor and stolen or damaged property is valued at less than $500. It also includes drug possession in smaller quantities.

Our attorneys have decades of criminal defense experience, and can defend you against any misdemeanor or felony charge. From hunting and fishing violations to white collar crimes, we have the experience and competence to defend your rights and reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

Why You Need An Attorney For Every Charge

While you may dismiss misdemeanors and just pay the fines, these charges can have lasting effects on your future. A small drug possession charge could affect your future career prospects, and hurt your chances at applying to rent a house or apartment. And should you happen to fall into a bad situation in the future, the judge could look at your past misdemeanor and give you a harsher punishment the second or third time around.

At the Hensley Law Office, our lawyers encourage everyone charged of a crime to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure they are treated fairly. No matter what you situation you are in, we are committed to doing whatever possible to help you out of it.

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