Defending Any Kind Of Drug Offense

Drug charges in Missouri can have serious consequences, from fines to jail time. At the Hensley Law Office, we have defended clients in the Kansas City area and throughout western Missouri against virtually every kind of drug charge, from marijuana or meth possession to trafficking and manufacturing charges.

Our attorneys are committed to vigorously upholding your rights and ensuring you are treated fairly in municipal, state or federal courts. Without a trusted defender, you could be taken advantage of by law enforcement or the prosecution. Know your rights and invest in a proven criminal defense team to protect your interests throughout your case.

Drug Possession Can Ruin Your Future

Something as simple as the possession of drug paraphernalia can have lasting effects on your future. Many people are searched at a traffic stop, where police discover paraphernalia in their vehicles. This can catapult you into the justice system, facing consequences that could permanently affect your family or career prospects down the road.

Don't let drug charges ruin your future. By consulting in a criminal defense lawyer as early as possible, you can take steps to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

You Need An Aggressive Trial Attorney

Our practice is dedicated to offering compassionate counsel when you need it most, but we truly excel in the courtroom. This mix is particularly useful for criminal defense, where you need more than a lawyer to counsel you through your investigation — but also a fighter who will vigorously defend your rights.

Schedule a free consultation with the Hensley Law Office to discuss your situation with our talented attorneys. Call our Cass County office at 816-892-9603 or send us an email to get started.