A Simple Traffic Ticket Can Have Significant Consequences

The majority of those who receive traffic violations in Missouri are good drivers with nearly spotless records. When you receive a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, your first instinct is to just accept it. After all, the legal process seems fairly daunting for something as minor as a traffic ticket.

At Hensley Law Office, however, we encourage you to seek legal counsel even when the stakes seem low. While the fine may be small now, you may see a rise in insurance rates, negative impacts on your drivers license or possibly even an impact on your credit score. And should you get another traffic ticket in the future, you could receive a higher penalty as a result of your previous offense.

Don't Just Accept The Charges Against You

Our attorneys are committed to reducing or lowering the charges against you, and ideally keeping them off of your driving record. We can often negotiate your charges down significantly, helping you avoid the negative effects they may have on your insurance rates or credit score. And keeping this instance off your record now could prevent your license from being suspended in the future should you receive another traffic ticket.

We All Make Mistakes — We Can Help You Move Past This

Our lawyers in Raymore have helped those throughout the Kansas City region find a more favorable solution than just accepting the fines from their ticket. Most times, an upstanding citizen makes a mistake, and gets into a bad situation. We can help you move past this situation and get back to your life, without it impacting you much further.

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