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When you find yourself in a situation where you’ve received a ticket or have been charged with a crime, our attorneys are here to help you.
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We Put Maximum Effort Into Defending Your Rights

Facing criminal charges, no matter how light or severe, can be a frightening experience. Sometimes even the most upstanding citizens fall into a bad situation, and the consequences can have a permanent impact on their lives. At Hensley Law Office, we are committed to helping people in the Kansas City area and throughout the surrounding counties in northwest and western Missouri.

Our attorneys are from small towns across Missouri and have a long history working with those within their local communities. No matter what crime you are accused of, we are committed to helping you through it.

Criminal Law Attorneys Serving Western And Northwestern Missouri.

Devoted To Trial Work And Litigation

In addition to compassionate counsel meant to help you through the charges, our attorneys are seasoned litigators who know how to bring the fight to the courtroom. We have defended clients accused of crimes as serious as murder to speeding tickets in municipal, state and federal courts across northwest and western Missouri.

While we focus our practice on criminal defense, our lawyers are also well-versed in personal injury and civil litigation matters, including slip-and-fall and automobile accidents. When you are in the courtroom, you deserve an attorney who will fight for your interests.

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Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

Many times, criminal investigations may infringe upon your rights. By securing proper legal representation early, you can ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process. And by fighting to minimize the effects of your charges, we can help protect your rights well into the future. With so much on the line, you need a criminal attorney with the knowledge and experience to best protect you.
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